Build de Freestyle Low Cost

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  1. Steven Pieterse diz:

    Good Day

    My name is Steven, we live in Portugal and myself and my son would love to get into some drone flying.

    What can you recommend as a starter pack, freestyle/racing Drone (good Battery time), Controller and goggles. Keep in mind we would like a package that is built and setup, we will need a gps version, with auto return home, auto altitude hold ect..

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.



    • admin diz:

      Freestyle with GPS, why? Maybe a Mavic Mini would be better dont you think?

      This is a link to the Mavic Mini, i recommend the Combo package, it´s awesome drone to travel with and nice FPV experience, not as immersive as FPV in freestyle but easier to start with.

  2. pedroA diz:

    para alguem completamente novo na modalidade. que ao inves de freestyle prefere a parte cinematica. recomendaria o nagzul5 v2? obrigado cumps

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